Responsive Web Design

Responsive Website Design

Your customers are always on the go.  Ensure that you go with them – make your website ‘responsive’ to all devices.

Cinch Media has fully adopted responsive website design as our standard approach to web design for now and the future.

A responsive website is a single website that adapts to the device for each user, whether desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. A responsive website dynamically re-sizes its content and images for a variety of different screen sizes in order to ensure the website displays well and is easy to use on any device.

Our responsive web designs are developed with performance in mind. Most mobile users can’t handle huge website assets.  Let Cinch Media create a website that will not only look good… but function well too!

We use our best practices to design your website affordably and efficiently.

Benefits of Responsive Design

Your site scales to desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones now… and in the future!

Google introduced a new facet of their algorithm that includes a substantial boost in SEO with the inclusion of Responsive Design.

Responsive website design cuts down on web creation time and cost. The responsive design approach enables you to optimize your business for both desktop and mobile with a single website.
Your users will have a consistent experience visiting your website on all devices and screen sizes.

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