WordPress System Maintenance & WordPress Hosting

WordPress System Maintenance

A Responsive Website delivers a solid foundation on which to build your website’s online authority. To keep the site running smoothly across all platforms, we must perform monthly system maintenance on the website. The WordPress system, theme, and plugins are updated continuously to stay current on web security and browser display.

Some updates focus on functionality or enhance the user interface, while other updates may offer patches for security vulnerabilities or unstable coding. We check your site monthly to ensure we are prompt in addressing areas of concern, check for conflicts, and run tests on page speed to ensure your site remains up-to-date and secure. On occasion, a critical update may be necessary before our scheduled update, and we take care of those upon notice.

We take advantage of WPEngines CDN and encrypted SSL Certificates. We also route some of our sites through Cloudflare for extra speed and security. This ensures your site is running optimally.

WPEngine backs up sites daily, and manual backups are made before we make large updates to code, etc. This allows us to restore your site as soon as possible in case your site is compromised in some way.

At Cinch Media, we regularly monitor for WordPress and browser security issues. We employ best practices for speed and ultimate performance, updating and tweaking our client sites to ensure they are displaying and functioning at their best.

WordPress Maintenance Fees

Our WordPress system maintenance packages start at $75/month per hosted site, dependent on capabilities and specifications. Maintenance packages begin at site launch and are renewed annually.

WordPress Theme & Plugins

In building your WordPress website, we utilize third party plugins that add function and capability to your site.  Many of the themes and plugins incur an annual fee. You will be billed these fees with your hosting invoice each year.

If you chose to move your site to another site designer, we would provide a list of theme and plugins necessary to purchase a license to continue to use the installed software.

How We Can Support Your WordPress Website

Our basic WordPress System Maintenance Package includes the following services:

Let us customize a package to include further items such as content updates, small jobs, checking page speed, enhancing design, setting up re-directs, increasing conversions, and security protection.

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