Coronavirus Notifications on Websites and Social Media

Cinch Media is a small business and your support means everything to us!  Businesses like ours and those of our clients need your support during this time.  We understand the health concerns and are working together with our clients to keep our communities safe and informed.  Stay well and take the necessary precautions to keep yourselves and everyone around you safe!
Coronavirus: How we’re helping:
In this time of uncertainty, and to assist with the financial burden it is causing for small businesses, Cinch Media will be reducing the cost by 50% for upcoming updates to your website and social media campaigns related to information regarding COVID-19.  (limiting to two hours discount of updates/weekly per customer.  Thanks)

This includes:

  • Pages/Posts related to special hours on your website
  • Updating hours on Google and other local citations
  • Banners or graphics for website and social media use
  • Tips/Insights to assist your customers and employees

Suggestions of how to keep your Community Informed:

  • Special Hours/Pick Up Instructions
  • Policy Updates /Restrictions during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Notices for Employees
  • Notices for Customers
  • Sanitation Notices regarding Facilites

Please submit all necessary information/files via email or the contact form below.  We will work quickly to keep your employees and customers informed!